Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cute! --

Seth's yaya is slightly OC and she had some free time yesterday and decided to organize the stuff on top of our TV.

We used to just have a Yakisoba cup stuffed to the brim with pens, pencils, scissors and whatnot. She found empty containers and decided to fix up the system.

I thought this was cute --


It's the rolls of adhesive tape that I am using for Christmas (and for my book business) --


* * *

Diaries of years past --

I try not to be a packrat but it's hard to throw away something that you've had with you for an entire year.

So I keep my yearly diaries.

I've had the pleasure of owning two Starbucks diaries (2005 and 2006 -- I think I left my 2005 diary in our place in Manila) and those were what inspired me to keep a record of my daily/weekly activities.




This year, I actually have 2 diaries -- my small, red Moleskine one for portability and a regular one I bought at National Bookstore, which I keep on my bedside. I don't really use the big one because it's usually covered by books and whatnot. I use it to keep my receipts and tracking numbers (for my book business).

I like reading my diaries -- it's fun to remember movie dates and dinner dates and when I went somewhere. ^_^

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