Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wow! Iloilo! --

Every now and then, my mom would ask us if we have any regrets about moving back to Iloilo and our answer would always be "No, but --" (It is appended with needing to go to Manila once in a while for books and other things.)

It amazed and befuddled me how enamored my mom was of Iloilo and how she felt that she didn't need to go anywhere else.

I sort of understand this now --

About a week ago, I stumbled upon some blogs that were about Iloilo and that lead me to websites and forums -- I've spent a few afternoons now reading up on my city and I am, admittedly, embarrassed to admit how little I knew about Iloilo.

I've been entertaining (read: boring) my family with all the fun facts I've learned -- did you know that, considering how small the city is, we have 4 SMs? And, rumor has it, they are thinking of building #5? ^_^

Another interesting development here is the number of new, local restaurants that opened in Smallville (a popular nightlife area). We tried one of them last Tuesday -- Mojave Grill and Steakhouse --

And, after dinner, we hopped over to the dessert place next door called "Nothing But Desserts" --

(Photos plus more comments on the restaurants to follow ^_^)

In terms of food places alone, there's still a lot that we haven't discovered. Then there are the old places to rediscover -- the downtown area with its offering of cheap cloth and other knickknacks. (I had a brief glimpse of this when I went to Iloilo Shanghai, located in downtown, last December to buy ribbons.)

So now I'm excited -- and I can't wait for it to be Tuesday (date day) so that Johann and I can try something new again. ^_^

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