Monday, September 14, 2009

Some things I love --

- I love Sunday evenings and QTV. I love watching Ang Pinaka, True Confections and Secrets of the Masters.

- I love Sunday evenings and "no-cook" day. I take Sundays seriously. I take the idea that Sunday is "God's Day of Rest" very seriously. It's the one day of the week when our cook only has to prepare breakfast and can enjoy the rest of the day, without having to worry about what to feed us.

- I love mornings with warm bread and butter and a cup of coffee (decaf).

- I love discovering a new author or a new book. The thrill of having in my hands "the find of the century" and the time to read it. (My latest discovery is Joanna Bourne. Sorry, still a romance novel. ^_^)

- I love how my son says the words "Chocolate" (Chocholate) and "Panda" (Pandada).

- I love coming home from an excursion to Booksale with a bagfull of magazines. We found very recent issues of MacLife, Macworld, Real Simple and a cheap copy of Mental Floss. What I love even more is spending the afternoon with my husband and sister, trading magazines, discussing articles and reading aloud interesting passages.

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