Sunday, March 25, 2007

101 New Uses for Everyday Things


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mrshobbes said...

Brilliant! :) I also love the magazine--such a practical, we-should-have-more-brilliant-ideas type of deal. :)

Caught your comment on my blog. The Secret ( is a documentary detailing how anyone can create the life they want if they just apply The Secret. In the documentary, many leading experts (authors, physicists, evangelists, doctors, etc) talk about how The Secret has helped them and people they know. You can order the DVD in their website or on, but an organization I'm involved with has regular showings.

I've heard that a book version recently came out and is in Powerbooks, so I'll be checking that out soon.

I also heard that Oprah featured it on her show some time ago, and also the Today show on ETC. I personally recommend it, because seriously, once you know The Secret and see the results it creates, it's completely empowering! :)