Saturday, March 17, 2007

I made this --

My mom is turning 60 on the 22nd. (Actually, she's turning 59 but, for the Chinese, it is unlucky to celebrate any birthday that ends in 9 so you skip it.)

Initially, she wasn't planning on a celebration. She was going to use the money for her birthday and donate it to their Eco-Reach program, which helps mothers start a small business.

My dad decided that he wanted to throw her a birthday so we're having a simple one on the 22nd.

We decided this last Tuesday, the 13th and we had 9 days to pull it off.

I made 100 invitations for her using my Gocco and this is what it looks like --

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I am very proud of this work -- I used two screens to complete. The first screen has the cherry blossom-esque tree design in the background which I printed with pastel green ink and the second screen had the words which we printed in gold.

This was an odd-sized index card (5x8) and we couldn't find envelopes to fit it so we used parchment paper and gold ribbon.

Total cost of one invitation = 5.33
Blank Index Card 5x8 = 36.75 for a pack of 50 = 0.74/invitation
Parchment Paper = 16.00 for a pack of 10 = 1.60/invitation
Gold Ribbon = 90.00 for a roll (90 meters) = 0.50/invitation (we used less than 1/2 meter/invitation)
Inks for printing = 175.00/tube = 0.58 x 2 colors = 1.16/invitation (I used about 1/3 of the tube to print 100 invitations)
B6 master = 133.00 = 1.33/invitation

The best part is, it really didn't take me long to make the invitations. I spent more time fixing the layout on the PC than the actual printing process.

I love my Gocco. ^_^ (It's a shame they've discontinued it.)

My parents were so happy with the outcome that they've given me permission to purchase more Gocco supplies. H'ray!

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r said...

khristine! katya! what's your email address? have some things i want to ask you gals. :)

ramon de veyra

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Hi, R!

You can email me at khriscc(at)gmail(dot)com ^_^