Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good things --

So many good things have been happening to me --

To my surprise, I was elected as one of the board of directors of my high school's Alumni Association last February. The elections happened during my high school's 95th Foundation Day (and I wasn't even there when it happened!) I'm currently the assistant secretary and we're getting ready for our Induction Ceremony, which is happening in June.

I'm also thinking about Seth's 1st birthday and I'm very happy about the decision Johann and I made to keep the party small -- 40 people total. I admit that the temptation to throw a BIG party creeps in from time to time but I remind myself that there are plenty of opportunities for big events in the future -- ones that Seth would remember.

I finally got to watch 300 and thoroughly enjoyed the experience -- I want to watch it again and again! >_< Now I'm looking forward to the director's next project -- Watchmen.

* * *

Random photos --

I love summer. I love how many fruits are in season this time of year. I love how fresh the vegetables are.

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<-- the last photo is of kamunsil or camachile (Thanks Jayme for this information! ^_^) It's actually a seed pod of some tree and you eat the meaty part. My aunt told me today that this is their family's favorite fruit and that she and her sisters (my mom included) can eat bags of this stuff.

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jymdrn said...

is the kamunsil similar to kamachile? :)

nice pictures!!