Monday, April 02, 2007

Saturday --

Florie and I decided it was time to bring the kids out for lunch -- she has a 6-month old daughter and I have a 9-month old imp.

Bigby's opened in Iloilo about a month ago and we were both looking forward to eating there. Apparently, whenever she went home to Davao, she always made sure to have a meal or two there. Johann and I recently discovered Bigby's on our trip to Cebu and loved it.

We made plans to meet last Saturday and decided to have an early lunch (which means fewer people) -- we asked for a table near the corner so we could park our kids in their strollers and to make sure that they wouldn't be bothered by too much traffic.

I was especially worried because Seth now has a habit of loudly calling people -- and I mean, loud. But he was so nice at the restaurant -- he enjoyed the tortilla (I suspect it's because it has the same feel as paper, which the little imp enjoys) and that kept him entertained while we ate.

It was lovely to sit down with friends -- our only friends here in Iloilo. Contrary to popular belief, we did talk about things other than our children. ^_^ The list of topics include: digital photography, movies showing in our local cinemas (300!), alcohol and its effects, plans for the holy week and easter, etc.

We were all having a wonderful time talking and eating and we didn't realize that it was after 1pm and the children were getting ready for their afternoon naps.

We said quick goodbyes and made plans to meet up again after Holy Week. I think this is a start of a monthly habit -- one that I am really looking forward to.

* * *

No photos --

I did bring my camera with me to the lunch but I wasn't able to take pictures -- when you have two kids and no yaya, it becomes quite impossible to take decent pictures.

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