Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter --

Easter is one of my favorite holy holidays --

It is a chance for renewal -- during the Easter mass, I got a chance to renew the promises made on my behalf when I was baptized into the Catholic Faith.

It is a chance for reunion -- last Sunday, the Promenade was fully booked and the tables were all connected to accommodate big families. The table beside us was a table of 15, which included grandparents, siblings and their spouses and their children. We were a smaller table but I really enjoyed having lunch with my parents, my two aunts, my sister and my hubby. Maybe it's because I'm a mom but I was really charmed by the little girls and boys all dressed up in their Easter Sunday best, participating in the Easter program organized by the restaurant.

It is a chance to rediscover the child within -- I was amused at how much my mom and dad enjoyed the clown and the magic show. I was helping my aunts figure out some of the tricks. I even helped my dad hunt for an Easter egg, which we gave to a little girl who was also searching for one.

I am looking forward to next Easter when Seth is old enough to participate in the celebration. I am already thinking about Easter egg designs as I type this. ^_^

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