Sunday, April 29, 2007

Remembering --

My dad used to read and collect comics when he was younger. Many years ago, when they were clearing out the old house, we actually found some of his old comics -- some Spider-Ham and other titles. (I remember the Spider-Ham vividly because we read that one over and over.)

For a few months now, my dad would look at Seth and would comment about how he looked like "Dondi."

He explained to us that Dondi was a cartoon or comic book character. Even my husband who has a more extensive knowledge of older comic titles didn't know who he was. So I looked him up and discovered that he was a comic strip character from 1955. (Wikipedia entry here)

I was actually amazed at how well my dad remembered this character. It inspired me to go looking for Dondi-related items which I might be able to get for my dad and for Seth. (They're both celebrating their birthday in June.)

I came across a Vintage Dondi board game on Ebay and I was fascinated with how simple the game was and, yet, this was something that kept the children of that generation occupied.

I decided to check out the other vintage board games and I was especially pleased with the 1958 version of the Price is Right board game. I loved this show when I was younger and would've given anything to be a contestant. Looking at the board game and all the parts, I could see an earnest attempt in copying the show's experience using simple materials.

And then I realized that the times truly are different -- what I see as quaint and cute, children 40 years ago saw as exciting and new. The board games now are flashier and more brightly colored. (You can just compare the two The Price is Right board games -- the 1958 one and the 1974 one to see what I am talking about.) Some games have as many as 60 pieces in order to function and others have props are mini-mechanical marvels.

What made me laugh, though is discovering that the boardgames I was playing with in the 90s are now considered "vintage" as well. ^_^ My siblings and I loved On Assignment -- a National Geographic board game where you pretended to be a photographer and had to travel the world to collect photographs.

Looking through the list on Ebay made me realize my age (not a bad thing) and it made me realize that there was a time before the Internet and before video games when kids played board games.

And it made me realize that I had as much fun back then.

Guaranteed to make you smile.

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