Tuesday, May 01, 2007

30 inches --

That's the size of Mama Maria's "the Philippines' Biggest Pizza" --

What we ordered is the little brother --
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This pizza measures 20 inches and, while on paper, it doesn't look so substantial, it's quite amazing in real life.

Our parents were supposed to return from their trip on Tuesday but they were able to find a flight a day earlier. As a "last hurrah" we ordered the pizza from Mama Maria -- mozzarella, bacon and pepperoni.

The crust is very thin, which I like but Mamma Maria's doesn't cook it at high enough a heat so it isn't crunchy. It is easily remedied with a few minutes inside an oven toaster.

This is how I like to eat it -- folded in half.
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And guess how much this pizza costs -- PhP405. The 30" pizza goes from 600 to 870, depending on the toppings.

* * *

More on the old lady who sells corn --

Today, I brought my camera with me. She smiled when she saw me and said, "Layo gid gina-kadto mo para sa mais a" (You're willing to travel all this way for corn.) and I told her that it was because I wanted to buy from her.

I asked permission to take her picture and she agreed.

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At first, I was a bit shy about taking her photo -- so I was taking them from a distance. It was when I knelt down that I realized that the view was different from where she sat and I saw her differently -- not as someone to test out my camera with but a person with an interesting story. So I asked her about the people around her (some were teasing her because I was taking her picture, calling out to her to smile for the camera), whether they buy a lot from her and she said, no -- they only buy one or two but that a lot of people who work in nearby stores send someone to buy corn from her. At one point, she asked me why I was taking her picture. I told her that I have a younger brother who loves corn and misses it very much.

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As she handed me my bag of corn, she cheekily asked, "Ipadala mo ni sa iya?" (So, are you sending these to him?) -- She was referring to the corn. I laughed and answered no, I was only going to send him pictures and that made her smile.

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