Sunday, May 13, 2007

Forgetting the world --

A few days before Labor Day, I was feeling some pain in my right shoulder. It hurt to raise my arm and it hurt even more when I carry Seth.

I thought the pain would go away after a few nights of "deep heat" rubbing, but it didn't so, during the Labor Day break, I went to Janiuay to see a manghihilot.

Janiuay is a town 40 minutes away from the city. I brought my Shuffle, a book and the day's newspapers with me for entertainment because I knew it was going to be a long drive.

I didn't need any of them -- I was so captivated by the scenery and the tranquility it brought that I didn't need to open the book or flip through the newspapers.

The area going to Janiuay was so green and beautiful -- and peaceful! It is so far removed from the city that all you are left with is the view and the steady humming of the car engine as you drive by.

We arrived at the place and the manghihilot felt my pulse -- he told me there was so constriction in my back and asked me to lie down. He found the spot and gave a push -- I could only hear cracking sounds. And then he was done.

The ride back was just as peaceful and I was actually very thankful for the time to be by myself -- I didn't have to talk to anyone or think about anything or do anything. I wasn't rushing off to somewhere. I was simply sitting in the car and letting everything be.

I forgot the world. And it was a refreshing feeling.

Then you realize that you have returned to the city because there are more cars, more noise and less green.

My shoulder is fine now and so am I. (That manghihilot was amazing but the trip was even more so.)

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Tarie said...

Happy Mothers' Day, Khristine!