Saturday, May 12, 2007

Some news about Iloilo --

The new airport in Sta Barbara is complete and is just waiting to be inaugurated by the President.

The old airport is being auctioned off and 5 companies have been connected to this -- SM, Robinson's, Ayala, Empire East and Rockwell.

They held the bidding earlier this month and it was recently announced that the bidding was a "failure" which means that they weren't able to reach their targetted price for the lot.

In today's issue of Philippine Star, they revealed the details of the bidding -- of the 5 companies, only 3 showed up: Robinson's, SM and Empire East (Why didn't you bid, Ayala? Why?) and, of the 3, Robinson's bid the highest amount. (Had SM won, they were going to convert the area into a residential subdivision.)

Right now, the government has yet to decide what the next step will be. Will they accept the highest bid or will they do a second auction.

I was very excited to hear that Ayala had expressed interest in the lot and was very disappointed when they didn't show up for the bidding. It's going to be very interesting who will be the latest addition to the Iloilo landscape. ^_^

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