Friday, May 18, 2007

A glorious meal --

My aunts are about to return to the US. As a farewell gift, we decided to give them copies of Claude Tayag's book, Food Tour: A Culinary Journey.

It seems there's an ongoing promo at National Bookstore when you purchase a book -- you get a chance to win one of Claude Tayag's bottled goodies.

We won 2 bottles of Claude 9 pesto. We opened a bottle and tossed it with some pasta for dinner. We had some leftover so I told our cook to mix it with rice for lunch the next day and to grill some pork.

It was amazing! Not only did she mix the pesto with the rice, she actually took the initiative and heated the whole thing. The result was very nutty, herby rice that was absolutely delicious.

Which is why there are no pictures of said dish. It went well with the grilled pork.

We still have another bottle and we are all looking forward to having that glorious meal again. ^_^

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