Friday, May 04, 2007

Bye Bye Gilmore Girls --

The show is being cancelled after 7 seasons.

This has got to be my favorite TV series. I saw the first few seasons on TV and, when I didn't have the patience to follow it like that, we got the DVDs.

Throughout my pregnancy, we were watching Seasons 1 to 5. (By we, I mean me and Johann. Yes, Johann likes it, too and he will admit it. ^_^)

When I gave birth to Seth, the first few weeks of his life was spent cuddled in front of the computer watching downloaded episodes from Season 6.

Season 7 is ending on May 15 and that will be the end of the series.



Tarie said...

Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite TV shows too! But there are SO MANY episodes I haven't watched yet. =( It's the end of another good thing...

mrshobbes said...

i love that series! used to watch it with my mom and sister when it was on studio 23...i have the last two seasons (well, first 10 episodes of season 7) and am contemplating getting seasons 1-5 boxed set.

bummer it's ending, but then i've been really concerned since amy sherman palladino and daniel palladino left. because of them this series truly had some of the best zingers and quotable quotes :)