Saturday, May 12, 2007

Spontaneity --

I've never been a spontaneous person -- I like everything to be planned and scheduled but there are those instances that happen that makes you appreciate life's surprises.

Last Thursday, Johann was planning to go meet his WOW TCG buddies and he was going to go directly from work. I decided to tag along and brought Seth with me (because the little boy has way too much energy and needs to expend it before evening). We picked him up at work and told the driver to take us to Sun Yat Sen. Our driver informs us that that area was closed because of the Team Unity miting de avance.

Johann was clearly disappointed (and we still had an active baby on our hands) so we decided to swing by SM City to look for emergency lights and to get some take-out food. (Because there was a cranky older sister at home who needed to be appeased with congee. O_O)

We ordered our food and walked around. Johann was carrying Seth with his left hand and he was holding my hand with his right.

And there was a rightness to it all.

And it made me very, very happy.

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