Wednesday, May 16, 2007

About the recent elections --

When you here news like this, you have to wonder what it is these politicians are after.

I seriously doubt it is "to serve the people" because that would be truly ironic --

And then you hear in hushed tones the exorbitant amounts of money spent during this last elections and it makes your jaw drop -- the amount could potentially pay off a sizable chunk of our debts and it could alleviate the poverty of many of our people.

And yet our people remain poor, our country continues to teeter on the edge of insolvency and our education system is suffering from lack of funds.

This election period started with high expectations of principles overcoming greed and personal gain -- and many of us were hopeful that, whatever happens, would be a change for the better but it slowly degenerated into the politics we have come to know.

Principles and ideals talk but money speaks louder.

* * *

To think I got this from a romance novel --

The integrity of any organization can be judged by whether or not it considers anyone within its ranks as above the law.

So, what does this say about our own government?

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