Tuesday, April 24, 2007

You have to look at this! --

It's called a Pizza Pot Pie and I saw it featured on one of the shows on Discovery Travel and Living --

Image taken from the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company website -- makers of this amazing thing.

Isn't it the grandest thing you've seen in your entire life?

They take a ceramic bowl and fill the bottom with cheese and then they put in the toppings and then the sauce. They cover it with the dough (kinda like fancy French Onion Soup) and bake it like that.

They serve it to you bowl side up and then remove the bowl. The cheese is so ooey gooey. You can order a half-pounder or a one pounder. O_O

I want one! >_<

* * *

On a side note --

Because of that feature, my sister has declared the time my parents are away (from tomorrow to Sunday) as pizza days. Tomorrow, we are having Mama Maria pizza -- they claim they have the biggest pizza in the Country.

And then we are having Al Dente pizza and then Sbarro and then Pizza Hut -- glorious!

(Upon learning about this, my youngest brother wrote during our Y!M session "Eat healthy...")


jymdrn said...

astig. :)

Tarie said...

I'm hungry. =( Pizza is my favorite food. I'm hungry. =(