Saturday, April 07, 2007

(Good) Housekeeping --

So what did I do during the two days of stillness? I finally updated the templates of the two blogs I maintain so I could enjoy the many new features from Blogger Beta and I also fixed Johann's multiply site, which was moldering from disuse.

* * *

I *heart* --

I am loving and all the wonderful, fantabulous items that you can buy from the vendors --

I want to get this for Seth. Clickety click! But it's a onesie and Seth doesn't wear onesies anymore -- he's a sando guy now. O_o

* * *

Aunts abound! --

Two of my aunts (my mom's younger sisters) from Manila decided to come home to Iloilo for the Holy Week. Their arrival coincided with my cousin's birthday so we all got together to celebrate -- my aunts and my cousins are a loud and very expressive group and it's always fun being around them.

We're having Easter lunch with them tomorrow and we're very excited because my mom is treating us to the lunch buffet at the Promenade (restaurant of Days Hotel-Iloilo). H'ray!

* * *

Better late than never --

Congrats to my youngest brother who passed his entrance exam to a Japanese university. He had a year to prepare for this exam -- it consisted of an interview and an essay all in Japanese.

Now, he's on his way to acquiring a doctorate in Japanese studies. I am a very proud Ditch(ie). ^_^

* * *

Simple Pleasures --

This amused me and Johann earlier --

There's a shawarma stand inside one of the bigger supermarkets here in Iloilo and there are usually two people who man it.

We have identified each person's style -- one of them piles the meat and then puts some garlic mayo and then piles the veggies and then squirts more garlic mayo before rolling the whole shawarma and the other guy piles the meat and then puts some garlic mayo and then piles the veggies before rolling the whole shawarma and then puts some garlic mayo on top of everything.

I prefer shawarma maker #2 and so does Johann. Earlier, when we looked, it was shawarma maker #1 so we didn't buy.

* * *

You can spend your whole life with one person --

and not know them completely.

A few days ago, we found out that my mom is actually a "Ma." O_o

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