Sunday, April 22, 2007

The "medyo date" --

Johann and I had one yesterday -- we went to Atrium where there was a weekend book sale. The book sale people hold this once a month and I love going to it. Each time, I find really great books for Seth and one or two interesting magazines on parenting.

After the visit to the book sale we decided to have an early dinner at Chowking -- they phased out the sizes for their congee and rice meals and only serve the "merienda" size. It was still, surprisingly, filling.

Which is why I call it a "medyo date" -- it involves some activities but never anything grand but it has the same benefits. It allows Johann and I to "catch up" with each other and to talk about our agenda for the near future. It's also the time we treat each other to something special -- yesterday, Johann had a double-scoop of Pistachio ice cream from the FIC stand and he indulged me with my *ahem* romance novels (I found and bought one. ^_^)

And then we went home --


jymdrn said...

that's so nice. :)

Tarie said...

That IS a date! =) Not just a "medyo" date.