Saturday, March 03, 2007

Travel for PhP1.00 (plus tax, of course)

Cebu Pacific is having a seat sale for both Domestic and International destinations. The seat is PhP1.00 plus taxes.

Yes, it's ONE PESO.

To give you an idea of how cheap that is -- a round trip ticket to Singapore costs less than PhP3,000.00 and round trip to Malaysia is a little over PhP3,000.00

For domestic destinations, round trip from Iloilo to Manila is less than PhP2,000.00 and to Cebu is PhP1,400.00++

Sale ends on March 8 and travel is between June 15 to December 15.

Check your calendars, plan your leaves! ^_^

(We're planning another trip to Cebu -- just trying to figure out when. ^_^)


jymdrn said...

wow! i wanna go somewhere haha. :)

haha, for philo reflection, i usually like writing / speaking in Filipino, tho my philo's in English (under Doc G!!).

just 3 more weeks to go and i'm done! yay. tho those weeks will be fully fully fully loaded! >.<

what do you mean where do i hang out? i hang out everywhere, pero madalas sa CMO, ANI "corner" (we dont have a room!), and at the DS Dept.

do you have Y!m? add me up: jaymeeduran :) (wow this comment looks like an email)

jymdrn said...

we're going to Cebu sa sembreak via the piso piso trip hehe. :) coolness. :) haha, you know we should just email, im spamming your comment space. :b

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Lol, it's okay -- ^_^

Am glad you took advantage of the sale. Cebu is wonderful! If you're a fan of Chinese food, check out the Grand Majestic (Cebu Convention Center branch) Chinese buffet -- eat-all-you-can Peking Duck O_O

Let me know if you've picked up the package. ^_^