Thursday, August 16, 2007

An interesting meal --

There is a buzz in our school about the new Korean-Chinese restaurant called Huizhen --

I was very intrigued because my student, a guy who is very picky and particular about his food, actually recommended it to me.

Johann wanted to try it -- his student told him that it tasted "like Korea" so he went there last Saturday, intending to have lunch there with his students. When they arrived, they were told that the restaurant was closed for the day because their cook was sick.

Yesterday, Johann was grumbling about dinner -- frozen pizza. He doesn't like it because the crust is too thick and bready so I ordered some food for him from Huizhen.

We ordered ja jang myun (noodles in black sauce), bokum bap (fried rice with black sause) and tangsuyuk (sweet and sour pork). (For more information regarding Korean-Chinese cuisine, click here.)

We were so surprised when the food arrived -- everything was in proper serving plates and bowls -- all covered very well with cling wrap to avoid spillage.

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I like this style of "take-out" food -- it's a departure from the typical styrofoam and aluminum-wrapped food.

The system is simple -- they leave the food and you eat it. The delivery guy comes back for the plates and bowls 2 hours later. ^_^

* * *

Chocolate! --

When I told my youngest brother about Dream Cacao and asked him if he could get me some, he told me that there are a lot of different kinds of chocolates and percentages in Japan. So he gave us this haul --

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These two Kitkat varieties are very interesting, one of them is green tea and the other one has 61% chocolate --

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He also gave me this --

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I love peanut butter and chocolate together. My absolute favorite is M&M Peanut Butter. Reese's is a close second. ^_^

Oh, and this is a different version of the Dream Cacao chocolate --

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We tried the 72%, expecting it to be very bitter but it is, surprisingly, quite yummy. The chocolate flavor is stronger, which I like. ^_^


jymdrn said...

ohmy. chocolates! hehe. astiiig.

Tarie said...

The Chinese-Korean food looks/sounds good. The service sounds good too. I want some. =9 And green tea Kit Kats! I love green tea!!!

Mrs. Hobbes said...

oooo, i'm intrigued by the kitkat green tea version--how is it?

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Hi, Jayme! I'm very happy about my haul, too. ^_^

Hi, Tarie and Mrs Hobbes! We haven't tried the KitKat green tea version yet -- we did try the KitKat dark chocolate one and it's delicious. I think it's available in Singapore. I can get some for the two of you, if you like. (I'll be there next week.)

Tarie said...

Woohoo! Yes, if you can get me some green tea Kit Kats that would be great. *blushes* Thank you! I miss you. :(

Mrs. Hobbes said...

hi Tin! Ooo, yes, please! I'd like some, except I wouldn't know how to get them from you when you get back to Cebu. :) Kitkat Dark Chocolate would probably dazzle my hubby--he loves Kitkat *and* dark chocolate LOL!

Enjoy Sing! I love that place and everything about it--shopping (what I can afford, anyhow), food, the sights, etc.

coldeyez said...

hi.. i accidentally spotted your website because i was looking for a ja jang myun.. i was really curious about its taste.. i was wondering if there are restaurants that sells this kind of dish? i really wanted to know how it taste.. anyways, keep up with you blog!