Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More stuff from the mail --

One of our Korean friends, Sue, returned to Korea about a month ago -- we spent a lot of time with her and Phoebe when she was here in Iloilo. She continues to keep in touch through emails with Johann.

Most recently, she asked us if we got the package she sent. We were very surprised because we weren't expecting anything --

True enough, the package arrived last Friday and we were so amazed with what she had sent --

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She knew how much Johann and I enjoyed the Dream Cacao which Phoebe shared with us and she sent us more.

It really made our day.

So now, Johann and I are planning to send her our own "care" package from Iloilo. ^_^

* * *

Oh --

And this is puto.

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One of the best puto makers here in Iloilo is Manapla and their little store is 2 blocks away from my house.

Every day, they open at around 5 and, by 8, they've usually sold all of their stock for the day.

They have 3 kinds --
May gata - purple
May gata - white
Walang gata - white (may dahon)

Seth loves the walang gata. He enjoys chewing on it. ^_^

* * *

And I made this --

Phoebe is leaving for Australia on Thursday. This is unexpected -- we thought she was leaving on the 15th but, because it is very difficult to get a flight to Australia, she had no choice but to go earlier.

We had dinner with her last night at Al Dente (which is where we had our last dinner with Sue, as well) --

After dinner, I decided to make her a little something --

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I'm sure that a lot of people would be asking her for her email and phone number so I made her calling cards.

I found a scrap of pink tulle and a pink ribbon and used that to tie everything together.

I'll talk about this project in my other blog.


Tarie said...

Woohoo, someone has a new business. I wish you all the best for your new business, Tin. And I am happy (and envious too LOL) to read that you are living such a full life in Iloilo. What's up with me? They made me the editor at work. :D

Tin (ni Johann) said...

congrats on the promotion! ^_^

am good -- "full" is right, dearie. (the extra weight shows that ;-p)

i'll be in manila end of the month -- i hope we can meet up for coffee or something ^_^

Tarie said...

The live action drama series of Honey & Clover is in production. I'm so excited! :)

jymdrn said...

cool! packages. :)
wala lang, parang sa movies lang nakakatanggap ng ganon.

oh, and! paubos na yung current journal na ginagamit ko, ibig sabihin magagamit ko na yung bigay mo :) yey. excited. salamat ulit para roon. :)