Wednesday, August 01, 2007

so, harry potter --

I finished reading it today -- I was actually trying to delay finishing the book because I didn't want it to end. (Silly reason, I know --)

After I finished it, I let out a huge sigh of satisfaction -- as though I had just had a glorious 8-course Chinese lauriat meal, and then I went back and read some key chapters again. ^_^

When the first book of the series was released in 1997, I wasn't part of the hoopla -- in fact, I stayed as far away from it as I could. I have never been impressed by hype and have never been swayed by it. I was wary of the hype -- but, even then, I couldn't help but be intrigued by a book that had affected as many people as it had.

When the third book was released, I was actually in London for the Cambridge Summer School and all the bookstores were getting ready for the release. I didn't pay attention to the dozens of radio programs that had invited JK Rowling for an interview. On the day it was released, I made my way to Waterstone's, passed the Harry Potter books, and picked up a copy of Jeffrey Eugenides' The Virgin Suicides instead.

It was in 2002 that we finally gave in and got the boxed set of the first three books (paperback and on sale). It was summer -- and I was holed up in brother's unit at Burgundy for the night. My sister and brothers had to attend a VtES tourney so I was left in Katipunan to man the store the next day. I had books 1 and 2 with me. I was surprised by how quickly I had gotten through book 1 and was already on book 2 so I called our house and asked the yaya to meet me at the store the next day and bring book 3 with her.

Book 4 was purchased by my brother in Singapore. He got it at Kinokuniya and it came with a bag. We got book 5 when we were in Singapore. Also at Kinokuniya. Book 6 was the most special because Johann and I got it in Thailand when we were on our honeymoon.

Each Harry Potter book is tied to a kwento in my life and I am glad that it is. ^_^

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