Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Are you a Geek? --

I found another back issue of Geek Monthly at Booksale and it contained the First Annual Geek Reader's Quiz --

I thought it was really cool so I've typed it up here for everyone else's reading enjoyment. (Yes, I am geek enough to do something like this. ^_^)

Yes or No:

1. Does your ATM PIN number in any way reference Star Trek?

2. Do you think Blu-ray is better than HD DVD?

3. Do you think HD DVD is better than Blu-ray?

4. Do you spend more than 5 minutes a week contemplating if you need to upgrade your RAM?

5. Do you own an iPhone?

6. Do you refuse to own an iPhone because you're a PC guy and hell will freeze over before you buy a Mac, and although an iPhone isn't a Mac it's made by Apple and that's just too close for comfort?

7. At a car dealership do you ask about Bluetooth, Navigation and MP3 jacks, but not about horsepower, air bags or anti-lock brakes?

8. Have you ever said the names Captain Picard and Captain Kirk in the same sentence?

9. Does it bother you that George Lucas has ever altered anything?

10. Do you feel that Uwe Boll must be stopped?

11. Have you ever gone 24 hours without sleep because you just needed to reach the next level?

12. Have you ever asked someone "what server do they play on"?

13. Have you ever had an argument about "DPS"?

14. Have you ever hacked your Tivo?

15. Have you seen checks and cash but don't use them?

16. Are you not sure if a Terabyte of storage is enough?

17. Have you ever read a novelization of any movie?

18. Have you ever typed any of the following: ROFL, LOL, OMFG, STFU or PWNED?

19. Have you ever replaced all previous 4-letter expletives with "noob"?

20. Do you know who Mark Altman is?

21. Have you ever used the word "replicant" in a conversation?

22. Have you ever said "There can be only one" fully expecting that anyone hearing you would understand the reference?

23. Do you think Empire was the best of the three movies? (If you don't know what this means, you are 100% Geek free. No need to continue.)

24. Do you know what a Zentradi Warship is?

25. Has a video game review ever made you mad?

26. When asked who is hotter: Lara Croft or Jessica Biel, do you need a moment to think?

27. Have you ever looked down on fans of V with derision?

28. Have you ever opened your computer without a tech support technician on the phone?

29. Have you ever spent more than $50 on a toy ... for yourself?

30. Do you purchase all beverages based upon their caffeine content?

31. Have you ever camped out overnight for movie tickets?

32. Do you own dice with more than 6 sides?

33. Do you think it's important for all personal electronics to have a holster?

34. Have you ever actually contructed anything designed by Alton Brown on Food TV's Good Eats?

35. Have you ever upgraded the firmware on your cell phone?

36. Have you ever modified the registry on your computer?

37. Is your computer liquid cooled?

38. Are your political views influenced by South Park?

39. Are you certain that "The Truth is Out There", but you're long past caring?

40. Have you ever used a Magic Eight Ball as a decision-making tool?

41. Do you own more than one version of Army of Darkness on DVD?

42. Have you ever owned a watch with a calculator built in to it?

43. Have you ever attempted a William Shatner impersonation?

44. Do your favorite shows almost always require a letter writing campaign to keep them alive?

45. Do you get annoyed when people suggest anything animated is automatically intended for children?

46. Do you feel the X-Men movies would have been better if Wolverine's costume just had more yellow?

47. Have you ever gone out in public in a costume on evenings other than Halloween?

48. Can you finish this sentence: "The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are ___ to 1."

49. Have you ever wondered why the Six Million Dollar Man had cross-hairs in his bionic eye?

50. Have you ever recommended an internet porn site to a friend?



0-10: Don't worry, you're not a geek. You clearly picked up this magazine at a hair salon or doctor's office and are in the process of putting it down.

11-20: You're not a geek, but you may have relatives or spouses who have imposed their interests on you enough that you've picked up a few basics.

21-30: You're getting into geekdom, but you may be too old to trust computers or too young to recommend internet porn sites yet.

31-40: You're getting there, but you may have enough residual shame about being a Trekkie (Ok fine ... Trekker) that you lied about a few of the questions.

41-49: You call yourself a geek? How could you have gotten this far and not gotten every one of these questions right? Go to your room!

50: Welcome, friend.

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