Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crazy about Kimchi --

I used to hate the smell of Kimchi -- and it annoyed me that Johann would insist on buying a bottle every time we were doing the grocery in Manila.

The obnoxious habit followed him here to Iloilo. When my youngest brother was here, they went into this Kimchi-eating frenzy --

I didn't understand the appeal -- until a week ago when our Korean mom gave us some of her homemade Kimchi.

She took a certificate course in cooking when she was still living in Korea and she loves to experiment and create (what she calls) "original recipes."

And now I am a convert and addicted to the stuff.

* * *

From an amazing website called Poketo --

I accidentally stumbled upon this website when I was searching for a wallet. (I am still searching.)

Poketo -- it's an amazing online store which sells really funky products.

They've gathered a group of young artists to design wallets, bags and tshirts for them and each item is a limited series.

We got Johann a Rama Hughes wallet for his birthday.


It's an incredibly minimalist wallet. The slots are all made of clear vinyl (or is it PVC?) and it folds flat. Each wallet comes with a certificate (because they actually become collector's items) and a button.



When I showed Johann the website, he actually had a hard time choosing a wallet because there were a lot of very nice designs. He eventually settled on this one because of the robot theme.

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