Monday, January 21, 2008

A proper post --

We were able to find a copy of Atonement -- it's a beautiful, beautiful film and deserves all the buzz that it is getting.

It's based on the novel by Ian McEwan and is Joe Wright's "follow-up" movie to "Pride and Prejudice." I think this is the movie that will establish Keira Knightley as a "serious" actress. James McAvoy is amazing as Robbie Turner -- a man who is always caught between two worlds and the actress playing Briony is intense with her freaky blue eyes. O_O

Now I want to find a copy of the book. ^_^

* * *

No trips to the cinema for Johann and Tin --

We were really looking forward to watching National Treasure: Book of Secrets but we still haven't seen it. ~sigh~

It's been a series of sickness in our house -- first, Seth and then, Johann ... (and now I have a tickle in my throat) ~sigh~

We did get to see Bee Movie last week. I enjoyed it but I thought Matthew Broderick's character was underused.

I just hope they don't pull out the movies on Wednesday.

* * *

The most FUN birthday present --

This is what we got in the mail --


It came with a note from my youngest brother, explaining that he had planned to send us 30 bags of chips (to mark our 30th birthday) -- different flavors but he could only fit 20 in the box.

It's INSANE! He even labeled them -- we were really bouncing as we inspected each bag.

Here are some of the unique flavors --


Bacon and Eggs!


Snow Cheese!

Bonito and Plum!

This is one of the reasons why he couldn't fit all 30 bags.


This is the collector's edition of Ged's War Chronicles -- the first project of Hayao Miyazaki's son.

Joy and Jubilation! ^_^

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jymdrn said...

your brother is love! :) :) :)