Friday, January 18, 2008

I am doing a somersault and a backflip in my head --

One of our Korean friends, Phoebe, recently returned from her 6-month stay in Australia. She gave us a copy of Australia Home Beautiful (an amazing interior design magazine) and 3 packs of this:


Snack packs of Nutella with its own spoon!!!

Yes, I have opened one and ate it straight from the pack.


* * *

Internet gone wonky --

We are subscribed with Globe Broadband and, apparently, there was a Visayas- and Mindanao-wide problem that started last Monday. One of the lines in Roxas got disconnected and it affected our internet connection.

What I love about Globe is that they are honest. When I called their 171, the guy I spoke to had a carefully-prepared speech explaining the problem (admitting it was their fault) and their estimated repair time.

He told me within 4 days and he was right.

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jymdrn said...

we experienced the same problem last october. they said that if in 24 hours if their service man didn't come, then they'd give us a refund (we just had our connection set up). at exactly 24 hours he came. haha. my mom was already preparing to call them up again then the bell rings. :P cute.