Sunday, March 30, 2008

Banoffee, Banoffi, Banoffy --

However you spell it, I'm craving it.

The one they serve at Red Ribbon is okay and it temporarily satisfies the need. But I really want the one served at Banapple and I'm already trying to figure out how to get some the next time I'm in Manila.

I am thinking of making my own -- and I came across this.

The Completely True and Utter Story of Banoffi Pie by one of the guys who invented the Banoffee and here is his recipe.

I kinda like the graham cracker crust that is more commonly used as the base of the Banoffee.

I think banana is the fruit for 2008 (or it should be).


cool said...

Nice blog, greetings!

I agree with you about the evidence of human hands.

Mrs. Hobbes said...

Hi Tin! Haven't drifted here in a while. Yes, I totally agree with you--Banapple has the most dee-liciouz Banoffee. I also tried some fish fillet dish of theirs and it was yummy too.

I remember the heydays of Area Cafe where friends and I would share a slice (or more) for dessert. I love banoffee, though I will admit I don't like bananas in my dessert (the fruit is okay though). Normally when I eat banoffee I take a leeetle banana and most of the toffee, crust and whipped cream :D