Sunday, March 16, 2008

My favorite day(s) in Manila --

I wrote about Seth's favorite day so I should write about mine --

I made three wonderful discoveries when I was in Manila -- Kopi Tiam, Banapple and the used bookstores in UP Palma Hall.

I have to thank my cousin, Dex and his mom for taking me and Seth to lunch at Kopi Tiam. Tita and Dex were great hosts -- they actually over-ordered just so we could get to taste as many of the dishes served at Kopi Tiam. When I think of their lechon macau and their kopi, my mouth waters. I miss it! >_<

My cousins also treated me to dinner -- we ended up at Il Pirata in Eastwood, which is an interesting restaurant concept: Pirate/Italian food. The pizza was delicious and I was very happy with the risotto but it was the after dinner treat that was even more amazing. We went to Banapple because my cousin is a big fan of cheesecake (like me) and she wanted me to try as many of the cheesecake varieties there. We ordered three slices of cake and took it home to their house (because Banapple was full) and tried each one. I was very surprised by how good the Banoffee tasted. I couldn't imagine bananas in a pie but this one actually worked! (I tried the one in Red Ribbon here in Iloilo ... I want Banapple! >_<)

I was back at Banapple a few days later to have dinner with two dear friends. This time, we were able to get a table and had dinner there. I hadn't seen these two in a long, long time and I've had very sporadic conversations with them over the years. Dinner was fun -- it felt like no time had passed and things were as they've always been. Banapple now holds one of my happiest memories.

For the last one, I have to thank E! for taking the time to bring me to UP Palma Hall. We browsed through books and I amused the shopkeeper because I was on the phone with Johann and I was listing down all the authors and titles that he might be interested in. What's interesting is that my visit to the UP Palma bookstalls was even more gratifying than my visits to the regular bookstores.

I really love used books. ^_^

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Vina said...

hi tin! i so love banapple. ang sarap no? i also love used books! i've spent loads of money on buying them. where exactly is that book store in up palma hall? i haven't been there in quite a while. i only know of that small shop in the up shopping center. but not sure if it's still there. thanks.