Saturday, January 17, 2004

Something I want to add to my 2003 lists--
A really beautiful graphic novel called Blankets by Craig Thompson. (cried over this ^_^) I was reminded of this when I was reading Bryan O' Malley's Lost at Sea (another really good read ^_^)

The Strangest thing--
It seems PDI made a mistake and reprinted yesterday's horoscopes today (Saturday). Yes, I read my horoscope. I wonder what the "cosmic" implications are -- having to experience the same fate twice in a row --

* * *

Watched Kill Bill at Podium with sibs and J -- kinda sad that few people watched Kill Bill (and the cinema for RotK was packed!) Was surprised to see that they didn't cut _that_ much out -- thoroughly enjoyed the experience ^_^

Go watch it if you can ^_^

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