Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Whew! --

So I turned 26. I'm not quite sure what to make of that yet. It'll probably take me the entire year to figure it out (but by then, I'll turn 27 ~sigh~)

I had a fun birthday -- pretty much predicted what was going to happen: first, a phone call from A and then a visit from F & C and from J & B... but the real thing was far, far better than what I had predicted. G also dropped by -- and she's always fun to talk to ^_^

(It was so nice to have my old friends and new friends meet each other.)

I was smiling the entire day (and, it's the day after and I'm still smiling ^_^)

thank you thank you thank you ^_^

* * *

It's also fun to know someone who shares the same birthdate as you --
My conversation with J:
J: Happy Birthday!
Me: Same to you ^_^

... ambabaw ko...

Guess how I'll be spending my Valentine's Day--

Found out today that the comprehensive exam will be on February 7 and 14 -- when I told F about this, she sent back the funniest reply: "Guess this is the reason why a lot of teachers are single..." lol!

It's after February 14 that I'm looking forward to -- (I'm already making plans. ^_^)

There's videoke with sina E and a very reluctant G (pero sasama ka ^_^) and anyone else who wants to tag along ^_^

and then there's the trip to the beach ... now to find people to drag along...

and the non-lit and theory books to be read after! (Alan Lightman is a new discovery, thanks to B) ...also curious about JM Coetzee, who won the Nobel ...(a trip to the Tomas Morato bookstores with M siguro) ...and the book that G gave me ^_^

I wonder if I'm studying enough for the compre--

I wonder if they're going to fail their only grad student in Lit who is taking the compre... (would they kaya? i'm willing to settle for a B -- which is the equivalent of almost-but-not-quite failing in grad school)


And today at the lib...

So I walked to AdMU to get an extension on a book that I borrowed -- it seems pala they don't give extensions if it's been borrowed over the break... I had to explain that I needed it for my compre. (Guess I looked sufficiently distressed because the guy broke their rule and gave me my extension) h'ray! ^_^

Went to the comm dept to meet someone who was giving me a copy of ChunHyang (a Korean film that stars Cho Seung-Woo from Who Are You? and The Classic) ^_^

-- I like walking around the campus ^_^

* * *

Currently reading Percy Bysshe Shelley's In Defense of Poetry -- lots of really good quotes. Will try to take note and share them here...

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