Friday, February 02, 2007

Back from Manila

We were in Manila from the 25th to the 29th of January. We were there for two reasons: first, to meet Seth's great grandfather and, second, to attend my friend's wedding.

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This is Seth's great grandfather who is in town for a few months. He lives in Canada and the last time Johann saw him was 13 years ago.

Seth was fascinated by him. He kept looking up at him and holding on to his hand.

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This is me and my darling at the airport waiting for our flight. Seth is cool with airplanes. Going to Manila, he insisted on standing and looking around. On our flight home to Iloilo, he was actually asleep.

We did what our doctor suggested, feed him during take off and landing to help him relieve the pressure in his ears. We also had a few of his favorite toys in his diaper bag and that entertained him when he got restless.

It's interesting observing how people react to a smile-y baby. While waiting to disembark, Seth would smile at the passengers passing through and many of them would stop to coo and play with him.

* * *

A "small" problem at the airport --

Our flight to Manila was perfect -- seamless. The plane left on time and was going to land on time.

Waiting to land, our pilot tells us that the airport was temporary closed because there was a "small" problem. We circled above for 40 minutes. 40 f**ing minutes. It was during this time that Seth got cranky and restless. We were not allowed out of our seats so we couldn't carry him and walk around.

We finally landed. Our plane queued with the other flights that had been delayed. When we got to the baggage claim area, we discovered that the terminal only opened one carousel and there were four flights worth of luggage to be unloaded.

It took us another 30 minutes to get our luggage. By this time, Seth had missed his first nap and was irritable. He calmed down when we got to the condo and he took a short nap.

The "small" problem? Apparently, our beloved president was taking a flight out of the country.

Small problem indeed.

* * *

Haul --

This trip was all about books for me. I managed to get a copy of Frank Cottrell Boyce's second book (after Millions) Framed and that's what I'm reading right now. We also managed to get a copy of Fast Food Nation. I also splurged and bought a copy of Ann Martin's A Corner of the Universe.

A big chunk of my money went to purchase a travel stroller for Seth. (I'll write about it in our other blog.)

On the whole, it was an eventful trip.
- Seth got to meet his grand uncles, grand aunts (from both sides) and his paternal great grandfather.
- I got my Starbucks fix and a nice haircut.
- Johann got his stash of comics and a some books (from the National Bookstore sale).
- My sister was able to get everything that she needed.


jymdrn said...

:) ang saya nung entry.

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Thankies, Jayme! ^_^

6 weeks left right? Good luck with finals and everything else! ^_^

jymdrn said...

oh yes, six more weeks. haha. thanks! a million more papers to go!
oh well, excited for practicum! :)