Saturday, February 03, 2007

My "to do" list for the year

...because it is good to have a plan (and a dream) ^_^

1. Purchase a LeSportSac bag with a funky print.

2. Go to Boracay. It's a 4-hour+ drive from Iloilo but that's still closer than most people. (The last time I went there was with college friends. O_o)

3. Go to Malaysia and Singapore. My youngest brother will be in Malaysia for a conference this August and we're going to meet up with him. It's cheaper for us to see him in Malaysia than for us to travel to Japan. (Although I want to go to Japan -- >_<)

4. Get a new cellphone. I really want a Sony Ericsson clamshell! (Maybe on my next birthday...)

5. Get the following books:
a. Eric Schlosser's Chew on This <-- the sort-of sequel to Fast Food Nation
b. Linda Medley's Castle Waiting Hardcover
c. the rest of Nick Hornby's books -- Housekeeping vs Dirt, Polysyllabic Spree, etc.
d. Gail Carson Levine's books (I only have Ella Enchanted)
e. Shannon Hale's books

6. Write about Tracy Chevalier's books

7. Take Seth to a Gymboree class in Manila or Cebu

8. Lose the last 20 pounds of pregnancy weight (and an extra 10 ^_^)

... to be continued

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