Saturday, February 17, 2007

Favorite lines from movies (recently watched)

I'm fine.

Johann and I celebrated Valentine's Day by watching Elizabethtown. (Seth slept over at my sister's room. ^_^)

I thought it was very clever how this very short sentence was used to convey so much of what the movie was about.

This is a movie where many of the characters suffer a devastating setback in their lives and each one tries to recover from it in their own way. Drew Baylor, Orlando Bloom's character, is coming to terms with having lost one billion dollars. He was getting ready to "take the easy way out" when he gets a call from his sister informing him that their father had died. He has to postpone his plans in order to handle his father's burial. He finds himself in his father's hometown called Elizabethtown where no one knows of his "disastrous failure" -- yet. His mother, recently widowed, takes a different road to recovery. She becomes this frenetic ball of energy, going from tap dancing classes to learning how to cook organically to learning how to fix a car.

The movie offers a wonderful perspective that helps one find an answer to the question "How does one recover from such a catastrophic disaster?". In the end, one realizes that he/she really is fine.

* * *

I used only the good notes.

For our post-Valentine date, Johann took me to watch The Holiday. I loved Nancy Meyer's work in Something's Gotta Give and had high expectations for this one. I loved the chemistry between Jude Law and Cameron Diaz. (Jude Law was so dashing in this movie. >_<)

Every time Jude Law appeared on screen, I would lean over to Johann and tell him (teasingly, of course) that I wanted him to look like that.

And Johann's reply?
1. "I need snow."
2. "I need to have sheep in the background."

The ending was a bit problematic but that's because Meyer's propounds a complicated situation to begin with -- how can people from opposite ends of the Atlantic maintain a long-distance relationship?

It's a fun movie to watch and gush over (but Something's Gotta Give was better written, IMHO)

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