Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Weekend --

It was a spur of the moment thing -- I ditched my high school's 95th Foundation Day to go to Cebu and visit my cousin.

It was supposed to be a surprise but my cousin found out about it. =P

We couldn't get tickets from Air Philippines so we ended up taking Cebu Pacific. The flight was late so we arrived in Cebu an hour late. My cousin brought us to Ayala Center Cebu where we met her husband (who had his hair cut) --

They brought us to Bigby's for lunch and I had their ribs, which came highly recommended. Johann had the Tsunami Chops, which he really enjoyed. ^_^

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Bigby's is opening a branch in Iloilo very soon and we are looking forward to bringing my sister and parents there. ^_^

My cousins had a wedding to attend in the afternoon and Johann was meeting some WOW TCG players based in Cebu so I had the afternoon to myself. I dropped off Johann at Neutral Grounds Cebu where they were having a WOW TCG tourney (which Johann joined -- he had 2 wins and 3 losses) I went back to Ayala Center and purchased a pair of Charles and Keith shoes on sale. I was tempted to get another pair of Crocs, but I need "formal" shoes more than casual.

At 5ish, I went back to JY Square and waited for Johann to finish his game. We then went to Sunburst for dinner -- had the chicken skin and Johann and I shared 3 pieces of chicken. I love Sunburst. I don't understand why they had to close their branch here in Iloilo. I really love Sunburst.

The next day, we got treated to a tour of Cebu. Stan brought us to Magellan's Cross and then to the oldest cathedral in Cebu (Sto Nino). We stopped by La Fortuna for tikoy balls and other yummy treats for pasalubong.

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My cousins warned me that Magellan's Cross wasn't as big as it looked in postcards and calendars. There were so many tourists having their picture taken with the cross.

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Sto Nino was very beautiful but, since it was a Sunday, there was a mass going on so we couldn't really go in. There was a La Fortuna bakery nearby so we stopped by for some pasalubong shopping.

We also bought some bibingka -- the Mandaue bibingka is very different from the bibingka from Iloilo. Their bibingka is cake-y while ours is very coconut-y.

Stan's parents treated us to lunch at Grand Majestic located inside the Cebu Grand Convention Center. It was a Chinese buffet with peking duck and ribs. It was an amazing buffet and so affordable too! Johann and I both want to live in front of the restaurant so we can eat there every day.

(I don't have pictures because I was embarrassed to take out my camera and take pictures of the spread.)

We also got to visit SM City Cebu and Metro Gaisano, which is connected to Ayala Center Cebu.

Cebu is a lovely place to visit. The shopping is good and food is amazing.

All the while we were going around, I got to talk to my cousin and it made me realize how much I missed talking to her. (We have chat sessions over Y!M but it's very different having the actual person there.)

We returned to Iloilo Monday morning and we were already making plans for our next visit to Cebu. The next time, we are bringing Seth and my sister and we're going to stay longer.

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The view going to the airport


mrshobbes said...

Hi Tin,

I like Crocs myself (am planning to get the ballet flats ones). Caution lang: i just read from cecille zamora's blog (http://chuvaness.livejournal.com) about daphne osena's daughter's crocs getting EATEN by the escalator in rustan's. and apparently it's not a unique incident! so careful lang going down escalators when wearing the things :)

Tin (ni Johann) said...


Ooooh~ I'm also planning to get a pair of Crocs Prima (but they never have my size) --

I read about that incident and even saw the photos -- scary!

Check out Crocs.com -- lots of cute, summery designs. ^_^