Friday, February 23, 2007

Random Thoughts

One of my students informed me that "Avian Flu" (Bird Flu) in translates as bird with a very bad cold in Korean.

* * *

This same student also told me, when I asked him if he's made friends here, that he doesn't see the point in making friends here because he knows they're all just going to leave and never see each other again.

I sort of understand this sentiment -- many of our students are leaving for Korea this weekend and I'm trying to detach myself from the experience because, if I don't, I'll probably be bawling and missing them even before they get on the plane.

We said our goodbyes earlier and I maintained my calm as I told my favorite student (a mother who is a gifted "paper-folder") that she has improved tremendously from the time we started six weeks ago. I told her to keep practicing and to write to me in English.

I was getting choked up but I managed to keep it all in --

On Monday, we're getting new students and the cycle begins anew --

We will befriend them and have lovely dinners out and then say goodbye to them again in a few months.


* * *

Johann and I are making plans to go to Korea this September or October. We were supposed to go to Malaysia and Singapore in August, but the appeal of seeing a new place and meeting up with old students is too tempting --

* * *

I like eating ice cream from a bowl. I like when it's all mushy and melty.

* * *

I like Nutella.
And mustard.
But not together.

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jymdrn said...

Naranasan ko na ring maging guro dahil sa ANI (pamilyar ka ba roon?), at oo ang hirap mahiwalay sa kanila. Lalo na kung napalapit na ako sa mga studyante ko. Hindi kasi sila nananatiling mga pangalan lamang sa aking class record--nagkakaroon sila ng mga mukha, nagkakaroon sila ng mga katawan, nagkakaroon sila ng mga puso. Tayo ay nagkakaroon ng karanasan sa kanilang mukha (experience of the face) at ito ang makapagbabago ng lahat.

Mahirap mahiwalay dahil naging bahagi na sila ng buhay natin, pero dapat matutuhan nating mahiwalay sa kanila dahil sa pagiging hiwalay lamang magsisimula ang totoong pagsasama.

:) haha, sorry I am writing a philo paper right now (for Dr. Garcia's class) and I am still philo mode in this comment.