Wednesday, February 14, 2007

This is how I know I married the right guy

For Valentine's, I gave Johann some World of Warcraft TCG booster packs (thankies E for getting them for me ^_^) --

I gave it to him after lunch, which is usually time we spend with Seth.

He was letting Seth hold the packs and he was asking Seth to pick out packs (and Seth would pick out a pack) and then he looks up at me and asks --

"Does this work? Divining rares by baby?"


Apparently it doesn't. The packs Seth picked out were all duds. The last two packs, which Johann decided to open drool-free had the good cards.

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This is the two of them. Rubbing (the other one drooling on) the packs for good luck.

* * *

New Toy! --

I wasn't expecting a birthday present from youngest brother because he told me the Crocs Mary Janes he got me for Christmas was already my Christmas/Birthday gift. Imagine my surprise when I got this --

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The cutest littlest camera on earth! >_< ... well, not really. But isn't it cute? I'll be buying film for this today and will be playing with it over the weekend.


jymdrn said...

cutie camera! :b

oh, and sure i guess you can use the lakbay term. it wasn't from me, really. i picked it up from our activity. :)

belated happy hearts' day. :)

Gene said...

The camera is so cute? Where did you buy it?