Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Ah, the music has changed -- slightly:
I am the One by Crackout
All I Want is You by U2
Come Away with Me by Norah Jones (there's something about the transition from U2's AIWIY to Norah Jones' CAWM that is so breathtaking ^_^)
Dreams by Cranberries
Story of a Girl by Nine Days
That Day by Natalie Imbruglia
Spark by Tori Amos

* * *

Had to share this... (Ty, to P for posting this on my Friendster board)

by Franz Wright

And you will find me
any night
now, try
at the motherless sky.

How dare you

IĆ¢€™m sorry
I was ever

No doubt
You can always find
Me any
Time, any

In the damned world

* * *

Well, today is the day for Revolution (Matrix, that is). Maybe if my sister and I get insanely bored today we might consider watching the 10pm show ... and maybe we won't. ^_^

I am excited for this, but will probably wait a week or two before watching it. (I don't appreciate paying x amount of money to go to the theater to hear other people talk or watch other people fiddle with their phones.)

Got treated to a visit from J and B yesterday and it was a wonderful reward after plodding through Sir Philip Sidney's "Defense of Poesie," which I finished reading. (H'ray for me!) Today, I'll be reading Alexander Pope.

* * *

For those of you wondering how goes the sharing of poetry dog tags, well here's what's been given away:
history beyond insanity - my bro, R
desire - P
end - Z
existence - A (gives great tarot readings ^_^)
fool - C
pain/inferno - D
karma - C
liquid - B (who does supreme work ^_^)
plant - my bro, N
rain - B
reveal - G
sparkle - C
strange - M
time - J
universe - E
why me - A

... did I miss anyone? Apologies, it is 7am and my mind isn't completely awake yet. But let me know if I missed anyone. I'd like to keep a record of this (and test how well my memory can handle this ^_^)

* * *

I really should be writing the work that needs to be done for NaNoWriMo. I'm deciding whether I should post the prelude of the story here. I have a superstition kasi about unfinished work being posted, so I wonder if I should tempt the fates.

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