Wednesday, November 19, 2003

C posted this on the Friendster bulletin board --

last cigarette: i don't smoke
last kiss: do besos count?
last good cry: did get teary-eyed in some scenes of Matrix Revolutions / My Sassy Girl?
last library book(s) checked out: some books by Michel Foucault
last movie seen: Matrix Revolutions! (J visited us yesterday and we had a non-spoiler discussion of it -- siyempre, my sister and I couldn't stand it na so, after the store closed, we went to Theater Mall to watch it ^_^)
last cuss word uttered: i say a lot -- especially when going through Santolan and having to contend with really stupid drivers
last drink: hot chocolate from Delifrance!
last food consumed: chicken mayo on ciabatta from Delifrance
last crush: ?
last phone call: to our housekeeper informing her that we wouldn't be home for dinner last night
last tv show watched: Mr. Bean the Animated Series
last time showered: a few minutes ago
last shoes worn: birks
last cd played: Lisa Ono (Bossa Nova)
last item bought: notepad and a pen
last downloaded: ?
last annoyance: i try not to be so annoyed these days
last thing wriitten: this entry? some pRO-related stuff
last sleep: 8 hours ago
last chatted with: online? in person? my sister
last sexual fantasy: ... ^_^
last weird encounter: ?
last ice cream eaten: been a while.
last time amused: i am amused all the time ^_^
last time wanting to die: not in a really, really long time ^_^
last time hugged: last night
last time scolded: the housekeeper, pero light scolding lang
last chair sat in: this one
last shirt worn: the bear shirt I bought in Cam
last poster looked at: the movie posters in Theater Mall (one that stood out was Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai)
last show attended: Rent concert at Greenbelt? been such a looooong time!
last song: well, Matrix Revolutions -- great soundtrack ^_^

* * *

I enjoyed Matrix Revolutions ^_^

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