Saturday, November 01, 2003

Quizzie goodness

*Professional Widow Faerie*
You are Professional Widow Faerie! You don't take
anyone's shit. You are strong and beautiful and
can be dangerous as well. Check out this song
to find your own personal meaning.

~Which Tori Amos Faerie Are You~
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Team leader Mina Murray
---Mina Murray: Shrewd Leader---
An encounter some years ago killed the innocent
Mina Harker, leaving a world-weary, deeply
scarred Mina Murray, who divorces her husband
and rejects the scorn of high society to help
the innocent ad protect the commonwealth. Your
stern leadership and forceful presence are the
glue that keeps the league together, exceeding
all expectations. The world, however, is still
a harsh place for a divorce' with no
superpowers, and, after all, no woman is an

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: which "League" member are you?
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