Friday, October 31, 2003

In the spirit of the holiday:

Find out which tNBC song you are!

Quiz by JessieofTR.

You are Jack Skellington...the Pumpkin King. You
have a soulful side which you show to almost
nobody and constantly long for something other
than your mundane existence. You deeply crave
something which you feel your present situation
doesn't provide you, and so you are constantly
on the lookout for any new, exciting
opportunties that could brighten your life.
Occasionally oblivious to the feelings of
others, you are generally a decent person who
cares about doing the right thing.

What character from The Nightmare Before Christmas Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Happy Halloween, everyone!

* * *

Finished reading Nick Hornby's How to Be Good. Moving on to his 31 Songs. Had originally intended to find a copy of all 31 songs, but realized that that would be a difficult and time-consuming task. ~sigh~

Tomorrow is Day 1 of NaNoWriMo. Here's hoping the idea comes out of my head. ^_^

* * *

Tried to punch my friend today. (He let me.) Found out that:
1. I have bad aim. (Didn't connect with his arm. =P)
2. I don't know how to make a proper fist.
3. I hurt myself more than I did him.
4. What I could visualize in my head isn't what I could actually do. (It looked so easy in my head pa naman. I thought I had it all figured out. Oh well.)

So, in the case of being mugged (knock wood) I can defend myself if:
1. The other person is bigger (so I have a bigger target)
2. Doesn't move very much (because I can only connect my punch if I do it slowly)

If all else fails, I have mace. ^_^

* * *

Still sick. Tried to get orange juice, but there sems to be a shortage. I went to Unimart and they had nada. Went to Rustan's Fresh and all they had was Mango Juice. Tried the Mercury Drug near my place and all they had was the yogurt drink. =P

I need my orange juice.

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