Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Questions for this evening:

Are Charlson Ong's stories helpful in dismantling these structures of knowledge and images of the Chinese Filipino? Does he replace them with new structures or does he reinforce them?

How does Orientalism apply to Chinese-Filipino writing?

These are questions that I have to address in my Conceptual Framework. (Notice, no mention of Foucault ~hee hee~ I was pretty happy about not seeing any corrections or questions in the Foucault section of my Framework. ^_^)

* * *

Am now the happy owner of Dido's first album. (H'ray!) Apparently,

D had it and was willing to sell it for a song. And there I was looking for it in Megamall and Power Plant (got very annoyed with the service of Music1/Tower in Powerbooks Megamall).

This is what I got from Fully Booked last Sunday. I wonder if this is the same David Lodge who is the editor of our English Lit bible (Modern Criticism and Theory).

The covers were so pretty (and quite affordable, considering where I was) so I decided to try one book. (Not that I have the time to read it right now. ~sigh~)

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