Monday, October 13, 2003

Quote for today:
Every one sees what you appear to be, few really know what you are... Machiavelli, The Prince, Chapter 18

So, let me tell you about my day:

I did a good deed at the library today. I needed to have some essays photocopied and thought now would be a good time to have it done. (Exam Week = few people in lib having stuff photocopied) I was looking for my books through the OPAC and overheard the students using the computer beside me. (I don't usually eavesdrop, but--) It seems they were looking for Lit Theory books (Said) and were having a hard time looking for it (kept searching for post-modernism). I recommended David Lodge's book (Modern Criticism and Theory: A Reader) to them and pointed them to the shelf. It turns out, one of their groupmates was my niece (yes, NIECE -- daughter of my cousin. I had a dozen nephews and nieces by the time I was 14) and I showed them other books that they could read on the topic. (Eagleton's Literary Theory: An Introduction and Ashcroft, Griffiths & Tiffin's Empire Writes Back).

I wonder, though, why Freshmen are required to read Lit Theory. Oh well.

Offered to have a friend's rolls of film develop (lent her my HOLGA and was just as excited to see what she could do with it). Dropped by the Fuji near my place to have it developed.

B**ch Moment:
It seems one of the rolls of film was for slides and had to be processed differently. The owner asked me if I wanted it cross-processed (they would develop it as normal film and would make for an interesting picture because the colors are different). I asked him how it would be done and this person beside me (I think they were hanging out there) laughed. I ignored it. The owner explained the process and so I told him that he can use his discretion so I can have the best picture quality possible. It seems that it would take longer if I wanted it processed as a slide film, so I told them to process it like regular film. The girl beside me laughed again.

I wanted to say to her: "shut up, you ugly person." (in my book, anyone who is insensitive enough to laugh at a moment like that is ugly.) But I decided to just be quiet.

Moment over.

I decided to get my bro some more Neopets TCG packs (and was rewarded by getting really good rares. H'ray!) ^_^

At the library today, while waiting for my stuff to be photocopied, I decided to check out the books I had pulled out. One of them, apparently, was so old that the last time it had been borrowed was in 1975. I miss library cards (the ones you find at the back of books that keeps a record of who borrowed it), I miss being able to see who else had read that book and when.

There is actually a study regarding this (I forget the term) -- the history of a book's ownership (bookplates, marginalia, etc.), but with modern technology, I wonder how future scholars are going to do this to our books.


My sister and I didn't get to watch Daredevil (ended up watching Matrix: Reloaded). Will try to watch it some time this week.

Today's quiz result:
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