Sunday, October 26, 2003


-Bacolod, Summer 1996
Summer after sophomore year, I took a trip with my barkada to Bacolod and we stayed over at my friend's house. Apparently the house was haunted and we wanted to see the ghost. (We had just come from a night out). So we waited until witching hour (3am?) and, obviously, didn't get to see anything. So we just talked and talked until the sun rose.

(I am laughing inside my head, remembering EVERYTHING that happened that day. Ah, the memories. ^_^)

-Davao Pearl Farm
I don't remember when we went, but I was there with my family. (They have very good bacon there. ^_^) We took the earliest flight out of Manila and I got to see the sun rise from an airplane. (A really beautiful sight) The sunsets in Davao were also amazing. This one afternoon (at band camp -- not!), we were on the beach and it was a fairly cloudy day, but the sun was peeking through some of the clouds. So there would just be these areas of sunlight on the beach. And we sat in one of those spots and waited for the sun to set. It's amazing how many colors the sky turns before becoming black (well, purplish really).

This is why I love being near the water (I can't swim, but I like beaches) -- something about nature that just reassures me that everything will be okay. It amazes me how things fall into place in the great big world (I have reflections on train rides and the color of grass, etc. etc. -- just ask me if you care to know. ^_^)

-San Juan, Summer 1998
We had a mahjong party at my cousin's house. It was a few days after we had graduated, so we were all in the mood to celebrate (we had discovered Absolut Kurant with Sprite and the joys of Tequila and Cali -- hahahahaha!). Most of our friends left at around 2 or 3, but two friends stayed. (K and A) We talked about EVERYTHING that morning. I remember that I had an early flight to Iloilo and had to be up by 6. They just waited until it was time for me to leave. (I love my friends. ^_^)

-Summer, 2000
I had quit my job at Xavier and was waiting to go to Cambridge, so I spent the summer with K because everyone else had work. After one of those evenings out, I got home just when the joggers were doing their daily run around the Xavier block. (I've also seen a sunset with this guy... which is why, ~sigh~ ^_^)

- October 18, 2003
Considering I only had a weekend in HK, we decided to take the earliest flight out. Didn't even think about how Bush's visit would affect me. So my flight was booked and my money converted -- when people started asking me whether it was a good idea to be near the airport on the day of "the visit". I told them that my flight was really early in the morning and that I didn't think so.

Ha. Famous last words.

Good thing we got fetched early and (because it was 2xp/drop in Loki -- hee hee ^_^) we were up really, really early. The traffic to the airport was terrible! What should have been a straight line from point A (my house in San Juan) to point B (Terminal 2 of the new airport) became this convoluted (read: takes more time) route.

What annoyed me even more was seeing all these MMDA people covering up the "view" (squatters area) and cleaning up. It annoyed me thinking about how much money was spent for one person who was going to be here for less than a day.

But I got to the airport and everything went well. This was the first time, in a very long time, that I took PAL on an international flight. I had forgotten why I never took them (and then got reminded -- no inflight entertainment. =P Was counting to watch Nick LaBute's new movie pa naman. ~sigh~)

* * *

Word in my head right now: immutable.

* * *

And something my friend N posted:

who invented the flourescent bulb?
which king in a standard deck of playing cards is known as the "suicide king?"
who is prince adam's pet cat in the cartoon he-man?
what is the medical term for the armpit?

for those who haven't heard of it, Quiz Night
rules are as follows:
-the game is open to groups of 6 or less.
-a 60 trivia questions will be asked.
-highest number of correct answers win

The Craic
top floor above Max Fried Chicken
Jupiter Street
8:30pm (promptly)
october the 29th

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