Wednesday, October 29, 2003


Finally finished reading AS Byatt's A Biographer's Tale. It wasn't as "wow!" as Possession, but it had it's own charm.

Favorite quote:
There are two ways in which a man can be himself.
A right way and a wrong way.
You may know that a man in Paris
Has discovered a way of taking portraits
With the help of the sun. Either one can produce
A direct picture, or else what they call a negative.
In the latter, light and dark are reversed;
And the result, to the ordinary eye, is ugly.
But the image of the original is there.
All that's required is to develop it.
-AS Byatt, A Biographer's Tale p.178

* * *

For fans of Nick Hornby, his new book is out. It's called 31 Songs. For more info, click here. I found a copy in NBS-Katipunan, but decided against buying it because I still haven't read his "How to be Good."

He has this other book that I want: it's a collection of essays called Songbook, which contains a CD of some of the songs he writes about.

From his mini-site at Penguin:
Saint or Sinner Quiz Result:
Butter wouldn't melt
You are clearly DJ GoodNews, so sickly sweet that you make our teeth hurt! Doesn't being so righteous get tiring after a while? Why not get drunk, have an affair or skip work - anything to break that holier-than-thou routine! Perhaps you should take a leaf out of Katie Carr's book and think of yourself first for a change. Stop giving all your money to charity and buy yourself a treat with the money you save. Being so good the rest of the time means you deserve one.

Go visit. ^_^ (Try talking to DJ GoodNews)

* * *

Found out last night that my MP3 player is dead. It was 4 years old. Guess I had it coming -- I just left it around and didn't really bother to check if it was still alive. Apparently, the battery leaked (eewww =P) and there was a strange jingling sound inside the case.

It's a bad habit (I know, I know): I leave things behind, expecting them to still be in one piece when I get back to them again. Most of the time, they are still alive ... but there are these other times.

Oh well.

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