Monday, October 06, 2003

I'm sitting here with a glass of Singapore Sling (made of Dry Gin, Benedictine D.O.M., Cointreau, Cherry Brandy, Grenadine, etc. etc.) mixed with Sprite beside me. I had planned to do this last night (drink, I mean) but I didn't have Sprite then. We do have a bottle of wine, but it wasn't chilled yet. (And I didn't want to drink Tequila, because it isn't a drink to nurse)

I sound like a lush, don't I? (I'm not. This is the first time I'm drinking an alcoholic beverage in a really long time -- about 2 years?)

Currently enjoying: Dido's Life for Rent and the song in my head is "White Flag". It has been a while since I bought any new CDs (I guess that comes from liking classical music -- for a while, my sister and I were content listening to the many versions of Giuseppi Tartini's "The Devil's Trill Sonata" we had collected).

So far, two glasses and nothing. Maybe the alcohol content of the Sling has evaporated.

Oh well.

For those peeps texting me, I apologize if I don't reply as often. I am currently trying to get used to the Ericsson interface (and failing miserably). Please allow 6 to 10 days for response. ^_^ (And I don't know how to do smileys on the Ericsson ... so, sorry also if my replies aren't smiley-filled.)

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Not that I know who this character is. (Missed the movie ~sniff~)

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