Sunday, October 05, 2003

Can you say "Thwart"?

This seems to be the catchword for the day -- thwart.

We set out to Power Plant to try to watch "Underworld" only to discover that they had "removed" the movie. (Something to do with the MTRCB) So we decide to just go around to check for stuff and then go to have lunch at Blue Bacon Cafe in San Juan.

Then we try to look for my bro's Halloween candy (candy corn, etc. etc.) -- T adores this holiday because of the candy. We couldn't find any -- not in Candy Corner or in Rustan's Fresh. ~sigh~ He had to content himself with gummi bears.

Then we went to Fully Booked to check for any new Terry Pratchett books (or anything my brothers hadn't read yet) -- no luck.


I felt a bit bad because I was able to get some of the stuff I needed (I was in the market for new skirts and shirts -- oh, and a new watch because my other watch died again.)

A new discovery is Mosaic, a clothing shop in Power Plant. I'd been interested in checking them out for some time now, but could never do so because my sibs don't like it when I'm "bush whacking". It was a good thing Mosaic is very close to Candy Corner so I snuck in. ^_^

Okay, this is the part I love ~tee hee~
I automatically pick the items that are in my size and I asked the salesperson if I could try it on. She looked at me and told me that what I had chosen might be too big for me and proceeded to pick the size she thought was right for me. (They fit perfectly. ^_^) So I am now the proud owner of two relatively inexpensive pieces of clothing from Mosaic. I will have my brothers buy me more clothes from them during Christmas. (I love having new clothes to wear. ^_^)

And then there was lunch. Blue Bacon Cafe is a bit inaccessible, but we'd been wanting to try that place for a really long time. Since we were thwarted with almost everything else today, we decided to just go for it. Lunch was an amazing experience! The servers were efficient and friendly and the food was (to borrow E's phrase) ab fab. It's a bit pricey, though, so be prepared to spend a little bit more.

* * *

Semi-funny/Slightly disturbing observation today:

There is a derma/beauty clinic in the same building as Blue Bacon Cafe and they had a list of the services they offered. One of them is groin peel/bleach.

I don't know why people would have it done. I don't want to know how they do it.

I don't want to know.

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