Friday, October 10, 2003

Quote for the day:
We are the artists, the lovers, the dreamers.
We cannot save this world, but we can make it worth saving.

* * *

the stars are high on sugar
and i marvel
at their carnival-color twinkle
as the lights reflect on them

it seems the sky is still and silent
allowing the festival to be
and the darkness
becomes blue, orange, yellow and red
all at the same time

they reach perfection
on a saccharine high
and i dance
to the sound of their cosmic laughter

* * *

I went to see my thesis advisor and he's finally giving me a grade for Lit295. (H'ray!) So from now until February, I will be reading and reading and reading to prepare for the comprehensive exam.

I'm glad Chapter 1 is done. This was the annoying part of the thesis. (The other annoying part would be having to defend my thesis when I finish it. ugh! =P)

My celebration tonight will consist of microwave popcorn and The Royal Tenenbaums.

Have a great weekend, everyone! ^_^

* * *

Watched Finding Nemo (ty, E!) and enjoyed it. Can't wait to get a DVD copy of it. ^_^

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