Friday, December 26, 2003

...updating this while in Iloilo, on my bro's laptop with dial-up internet connection
~sigh~ I miss my DSL connection ^_^

Thought this would make an interesting list (from G's blog)

Best gifts received this Christmas
5. Mga Panibagong Kulam by Tony Perez (interesting gift from B -- no doubt, he now regrets giving this to me. ^_^)
4. knowing that J got his DSL; E and A with Siglo (am soooo happy for the two of them) -- knowing that the people around me are happy ^_^
3. being able to watch a premiere of LotR: RotK (getting to see the trailer for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) ^_^
2. being invited (and being able to attend) the CC party ^_^ -- L, next year, we will try to stay longer
1. the original .hack//sign OSTs (from my sister), a nice white Sony Cybershot (from my bros), the pink beaded watch, which I beaded myself (from my youngest bro)

... and my youngest bro gave me my birthday gift in advance -- the OST for The Classic (played it in the store when E was there and both of us got teary-eyed remembering the scenes from the movie ~sigh~)

An interesting situation--
So, I'm in Iloilo and all I can think of is what I would be doing if I were in Manila. When I'm in Manila, I miss being in Iloilo. B asked me what's in Iloilo that isn't in Manila and I replied: What's in Iloilo that isn't in Manila = What's in Manila that isn't in Iloilo" -- people. That's what tips and/or balances the scales for me, which is why I still haven't decided where to stay permanently.

A really outrageous solution is to stay in neither -- and I've joked about this for some time now. I should just pack my bags and move to Cebu or Davao or somewhere (as long as there's DSL and a decent bookstore, I will be happy).

Here's hoping I find an answer to this soon ^_^

* * *

Been on an anime-watching frenzy. Have seen and enjoyed:
1. Matantei Ragnarok Loki
2. Read or Dream (watched this twice na -- cool!)
3. Peace Maker Kurogane (OMG! L, you have to watch this one ^_^)
4. Gunslinger Girl (interesting/disturbing)

still have:
Witch Hunter Robin (not compelled to watch it -- kinda boring =P)
DN Angel
Samurai Deeper Kyo

... I've seen more anime in the past 3 days than I have in the past year.

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