Wednesday, December 31, 2003


... just got back from Iloilo --

It was strange to see the airport so deserted (apparently, we were one of the last flights in).

Stranger still was the number of people travelling on the last day of the year --

It felt good to be back in the condo and was pleased to see how clean it was. (I think our housekeeper was happy to have us go off for a week, giving her the chance to clean the place thoroughly. Not that it's ever dirty -- more of organized chaos ^_^)

It's less than 5 hours before the start of a new year --

(...aren't I dash-happy? ^_^)

Decided to add to my lists

Things I'm looking forward to this coming year
5. Movies! (Want to watch School of Rock! And, read in an entertainment magazine that Hollywood has bought the license to My Sassy Girl and will be releasing their own version some -- erg...) Found out from E that there's an Infernal Affairs 3 (and Tony Leung Chiu Wai is in it -- h'ray!) ... and the Harry Potter movie looks promising
4. ***
3. Some milestones: the store is turning 2 (h'ray!), i'm turning 26 (h'ray! also), etc. etc.
2. Summer vacation! (Trying to decide where to go -- for some strange reason, this year, I seem to want to go to the beach...)
1. Passing the compre, defending my thesis and graduating

*** odd: when I was thinking about this list, I knew I had a lot of things that I was looking forward to, but I can't seem to recall a lot of them. Oh well...

Some resolutions
- find a balance in my life
I'm one of those people who tends to hyperfocus on things at the expense of everything else. I would like to be able to do the things I like and still have time to spend with friends, etc.

- learn something new
My friend and I are planning on taking some (*ahem*) dance lessons ... not sure if this will push through.

- be more patient

- watch a musical
One of the things I've sacrificed is this and I feel bad about it. I really should try to find time to watch one play/musical a quarter... of course, there is the issue of funds. ^_^

- laugh more, worry less


That's it for now. Happy New Year, folks! ^_^

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